So Many Photo Booths.....

We don't only DJ, we are photo booth experts too. with more than 8 choices for photo booth styles and the latest trends and tech, you can count on an awesome photo experience from base! 


The Lumi Photo Booth

Our brand new stunning photo booths. We can combine this booth with any of our backdrops or enclosures. A lighted LED edge gives an attractive styling, a touchscreen monitor allows for user choices and interaction, and a flash and constant ring light combined with a DSLR camera makes for some awesome photo quality. 


Magic Mirror Booth

It's the most popular booth on the market. The Magic Mirror is called Magic for a reason. A 5ft floor standing mirror with animations appearing on the glass, which is all touchscreen, is like something out of a disney park. For this booth, you never see the camera, because its behind the mirror, so when you look in the mirror, your looking in the camera. See some videos to learn how awesome this booth truly is! 


Props Props Props Props

Whats always included with our booths? Lots and lots and lots of props. From signs to donuts to hats and thor hammers, we keep a lot of them with us. We do a two tier props table, which keep them nicely organized by our attendants.