Your Personal Formal Night Club

That's how we feel our Sweet 16's go, a personalized, formal, nightclub. Our DJ mixes the best of the best tracks seamlessly, the Emcee announces you into the room, helps with your candle lighting, and your friends have the time of their lives celebrating the big one six with you. From small to huge our sweet 16 packages have you covered for what ever it is that you see and like. Have questions about planning the perfect Sweet 16? Our online planning tools make it simple and easy to navigate the complicated world of party planning. Click below and find out more today! 

Wanna Hear The Difference???

There is a DJ that MIXES music and a DJ that PLAYS music. The difference is, one sounds like an iPod for the night, the other sounds like a REAL DJ, an experience, a soundtrack to an awesome night. Do you want to hear the difference? Listen to our DJ’s and subscribe to our podcast mixshow for the latest mixes!

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NightClub Style Sound Systems

This isn’t a 80th Birthday party, it’s your Sweet 16, so Base, lives up to it’s name. BASS! We bring out a serious sound system to EVERY SWEET 16. No matter the size, we promise we will bring a truly awesome nightclub quality sound system to your sweet 16 and make it the night you’ve been waiting for.

Lighting That Makes The Dance Floor

Computer Programmed Lightshows That Go With The Music

Latest and Greatest Photo Booths


Magic Mirror Booth

The Magic Mirror Photo Booth. our 5ft floor standing mirror, completely touch screen. Animations magically appear on the mirror and encourage guests to take the best photos. The mirror can even let your guests sign their photos at the bottom and text them a copy to keep.


Photo Booths

Only the best in the photo booth world! These photo booths take high quality photos and print within 10 seconds! Our booth’s come with unlimited photo prints, scrapbooks, texting of photos to guests, and tons of props.


Your Name in Lights

We do a lighted monogram and project it on a wall or the floor. Its a custom touch for your big day.


Dancing LED Robot on Stilts

Have the robot come out to your events for an hour long dance session that always lightens up the room.


Silent Disco

Shhhhh..... There isn't music playing. It's all in your head. We pass out wireless headphones with three channels on them. Each channel has a different genre or style of music with one being the live DJ.


High Powered Lasers

Programmable to even display your name

ADD-ONS Gameshow4.jpg

Birthday Girl Gameshow

Time to have your own gameshow. Trivia all about you. Let your friends compete to see who knows you the best. These consoles show the players name, track points, and lock out other players once someone buzzes in.


We've done soooo many Sweet 16's! 


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