Most clients come to us not looking to add lighting. The usual reason is they do not think it's important, they don't think they need it, its not in the budget. After some research, photos, and a little help from us, most of our clients add some kind of event lighting. So what is our favorite part of all of this? Watch some of our event recap videos and see what clients say immediately following the event. Most of those videos you will hear clients say one of their favorite ad-ons was the lighting they did put in. We are happy to help answer any many questions as we can, we know your not a lighting pro, but we are, so fire away!

Dance Floor Lighting

Strictly meant to assist with the mood on the dance floor, this kind of lighting should make you feel like getting your boogie on. Good dance floor lighting can add so much to the experience of you and your guests, which is why we have some awesome options in the computer programmed areas of intelligent lighting. This allows us to change the way the lights are working depending on the speed and feel of the song, low energy music get a lower energy light show while those dance floor packers get something to match their speed. 


Globe Lighting

Transform a space with this classic lighting option. With over 1000ft of globe lighting, we can use it to define a space or add an ambience to anywhere.