Our roster when it comes to this stuff is pretty impressive.

We have done everything from small to big for some of the smallest and biggest companies around. Whether it's a DJ for your company Holiday party or a photo booth for your client picnic, we've been there. Our corporate companies love us and subsequently we love them too. Impress your clients with some custom branded photo booth solutions or bring attention to your storefront or sale with a DJ, grab sound sound and video support for your next meeting, we have the experience to make sure it all goes well, really well. 


CUT Trend Event

One of this years past events. Our Hollywood Photo Booth, Staging, LED Displays, Projection Screen, Trussing, Lighting, Confetti, and more. Check out the video and see what we did when CUT's Clients came through the door. 


Check out a few our current corporate clients

Some of our past corporate events